Rip of Solo, Incredibles 2 just loops over and over


Hi team. This is my first post. I’m enjoying ripping my DVD collection to watch via NAS. Two DVDs are giving me a lot of trouble. The new Solo movie and Incredibles 2 (both Disney, but my Marvel stuff did okay). The discs don’t have the whole “99 titles” thing and file size is 1.05GB. I ripped the main title (matches with main title being played in VLC) to MP4 (recommended). It looks like it rips properly and length is correct; however, when you play the file you get the first few minutes, then it just loops the title sequence over and over for the length of the rip. Additionally it does this in the Spanish language version for whatever reason. Is this a Disney encryption issue or something else? Any suggestions? Thank you.


Hello again! Posting this time with a resolution, in case anyone runs into this. I read a few posts, including one by Monica that suggested trying to run with ‘Safe Mode’ selected. I tried that and it worked.