Rip NIN "With Teeth" DualDisc DVD Side

I’ve done a lot of searching here and haven’t found anyone describing a similar problem. I receintly purchased Nine Inch Nails “With Teeth”. This album is a dualdisc. My PC DVD/CD drive reads both sides of the disc with no problem. I can play either side, and I have successfully ripped the CD side to MP3. What I’d like to do is to rip the DVD side, but this is where I’ve run into problems. I have AnyDVD installed on my PC, and I’ve been able to rip any movie DVD I’ve tried. Whenever I try to rip the DVD side of this dualdisc, depending on the tool, I either get an error message that says that the content is encrypted, or I get a small file of garbage as output. I have a few questions perhaps someone can answer…

  1. What kind of encryption/copy protection is in use here? Is there some way to find out what kind it is?

  2. Is there a tool I can use to rip the DVD audio side of the disc to mp3 while preserving the Dolby Digital 5.1?

  3. Is there a tool I can use to rip the video on the DVD side of the disc?

1)can be CSS?
2)For ripping DVD audio —> DVD audio ripper
3)try---------------------> DVD decrypter

  1. I’m not sure what it was, but DVD decrypter seemed to do the trick

  2. I tried the software titled “DVD Audio Ripper” but I’ve been unable to find a way with it, or several other packages, to preserve the AC3 audio. When I play back the .avi I want my PC to output Dolby Digital (or DTS) 5.1.

  3. Same problem here, I can’t seem to find software that will output in 5.1.