Rip music to Hard drive instead of a CD

I’ve been using and was wondering if I can use it to rip my audio cd’s to either ogg or mp3 straight to my harddrive instead of burning them onto a cd. I currently have been burning them onto a rewritable, then transferring them back onto the harddrive. Thanks!

Why rip to RW then to HD? Try grip.

I have had great luck with kaudioCreator as well…

I also use grip, I was just wanting to know if Nerolinux has this capability. If not, fine. Just curious is all, options are always good in my book!

NeroLINUX is able to encode some tracks in WAV/MP3/OGG (or whatever else, if you have a cmdline encode for it). All you have to do is to drag’n’drop the tracks to encode in the track editor, right click on it and select ‘encode as…’.