Rip multiple disks in DVD Fab

is it possible to setup dvdfab platiinum (30 day trial version) to rip multiple disks to hdd and leave it running overnight?

In autogk, there is a queue facility - is this possible in fab?

I have looked over the guides and searched the forums and cant find how to do this anywhere.

Thanks for any advice,

well how do you expect it to remove one Dvd & insert the next one, while you’re asleep ???

No, but that would be nice- I [I]have [/I]been looking into autoloaders…

I am no expert, but If I was to guess how it is done I would say that fab first rips an image of the disk, then processes / compresses it etc from the disk image.

That is pretty much how I was doing it in shrink / autogk - I could load up 5 or so files to be turned into avi’s and let her go.

I am pretty sure it is possible in Fab as the thread I read explained how you could queue 5 disks but not 6 & that was the problem the poster was having. 5 will be fine for me.

if you want to convert files that are already on your hard drive you can launch & run multiple instances of dvdfab. I think you can also queue tasks in a sinlge instance of a program e.g. in generic mode you keep using back to load & configure another task, before hitttins start.
The trial version has all the functionality of the paid for version so try it & see.

I am beginning to wonder if the batching I read about was for files already present on the HDD as you suggest rather than the “quick rip / process later” scenario I was hoping for? maybe it’s back to shrink to make the first rips again.

Do you know anyone who could answer this definitively??

Yes, it is for DVD’s already ripped to HDD as either ISO or IFO/Vob’s.

Not for ripping from DVD…

Awesome Gregiboy, thanks for that!

What would you choose for the intial rip - iso or vob? space is not an issue for me.

I have been using Fab successfully for the past couple of days to make avi’s with the generic setting - what setting do I use for iso /vob? is it one of those dvd-dvd presets from the top of the home page?

I’m not lazy, but I cant look for myself right now as I have autogk running a subtitle hardcode & the last time I opened both at the same time they self destructed (in the last 5 mins of a 2 hour transcode!)

Do you know the steps for adding multiple files to the queue?

Thanks again

See this:
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