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The more I use DVDFab the more I love it. Keep up the great work. It’s a solid piece of software and one I will recommend to my friends.

Now, My newbie question: Does DVDFab keep a running .txt log on what has been Ripped? I know that after the ‘process is completed successfully’ message appears, I think it gives you the option to save the log, but I was curious if there was a setting that would do that every time? I wanted to review my Rip history (Which mobile settings work better, faster, etc.) but I was unable to find anything. I would also like to share these files with others to compare Framerates, processing times (on different CPU’s etc). It would be cool to drop a .txt file in the output folder with all of the session details.

I was unsure if this was a default option or a feature request.

Thanks for your help.

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This would be a feature request, as it doesn’t keep a log of the DVD to Mobile settings now (or of the settings for DVD to DVD modes either for that matter). The burn log is the most detailed thing that is stored automatically. Not sure I would want this for every DVD to Mobile conversion–lots of text files to clean up/delete, but it might be useful sometimes.


I tried saving the log file (and found the burn log BTW) and all that was saved was:

18:20:10: Task 1
18:20:10: Source( E:\VIDEO_TS )
18:20:10: Video( Title=1, Angle=0, PlayTime=01:29:26, Chapter=1-25, AspectRatio=16:9 )
18:20:10: Audio( [80h] English AC-3/6 normal )
18:20:10: Target( C:\Users\Public\Videos\Blackberry Videos\ipod\My Home Video\ )
18:20:10: Conversion: one pass begin…
19:01:51: Conversion: one pass finish…
19:01:52: Process completed successfully!

I would love to see FPS, Process Time, and some of the other rip info that is on the bottom of the screen be included in this file. IMHO

It’s hard to tell if changing the rip settings make the process increase the FPS, process time etc. It would cool to see who has the highest FPS etc with what processor… Or if a new build made a often used process better or worse. :doh:

Thanks for the reply…