Rip Lock?



Hey OCC,

I have a question about my DVD burner. When I use DVD Decrypter I noticed that it normally rips at 5x. But when the DVD is spinning so fast that it gives off a whirring-roar, the rip speed goes up to 20x and is sustained there, as long as the spin speed remains high.

I’ve concluded that spin-speed equates to faster ripping. The mystery here is that the dvd burner seems to rev at it’s own pace and own will. It’s completely random, and more often than not it spins slowly.

Any ideas as to why or how I can force high RPM’s?



Firstly, it might help if you state your drive make and model and the firmware you are using, and DVD type you are ripping.

Anyway, riplock is more like 2X-3X, that’s all, faster ripping speeds means there might not be a riplock on your drive.
20X is faster than I can imagine. Most readers are up to 16X, so 20X is unbelieveable. Officially DVD-Video speed is maxed out at ~10X, and maybe some drives can rip a little faster.


Yeah 20+/-… easy to imagine why I want it that way of all the time, eh?

it’s an AOpen duw 1608/ARR.

Another problem with this drive is that it won’t burn CD’s… only DVD’s. Just thought I’d throw that in there.


I’m not sure that is even possible the disk would be spinning so fast it would explode into many pieces.


i’m talking about read speed here. is this really new to everyone?


whoups… i meant that in dvd decypter it would read at 20MB/s which is like 16x read speed, hope this helps!


16x is more or less the max possible. You can’t “force” that speed, because it will only reach top speed at the outer edge of a full disc. Reading is done in CAV mode, which translates to something like 8x start and 16x at the end.

Your drive will slow to a lower speed at any time if it encounters errors, which they almost always do in the real world. Other things than can trigger a short slowdown are programs that poll the IDE drives, as Decryptor does not “lock” the drive.


thanks man… makes sense. i still think i have to RMA. i’m going to apply this 1/27/2005 patch to see if that lets me burn CD’s. if not g’bye.


I is hard to say what your CD problem is as you have not mentioned the software. Make sure you have enabled CD recording in the properties section of the drive right-click tab.