Rip lock problem

New here, and new to upgrading firmware so careful wikth the flames.

even after disabling rip lock with some various hacked firmware currently using 2f8 and i’ve tried a hacked 2.17. Neither of them have removed my rip lock. I continue to rip at 2kb/s and it takes about an hour just to rip with DVD shrink on my NEC 2500A. What am I doing wrong, please help

my rig
2.8ghz ht
1gig dual channel

DVD Shrink is transcoding as it rips, so that may slow the process down. You’re not simply ripping the disc.

Also check DMA.

I meant MB but I guess you inferred that

what I guess i’m basing it on is this photo taken off of emperors review of some new drivers to make 2500A -> 2510A, everything looks the same except the dirver version and the read speed his is 40X and mine is 8X

40X relates to the CD read speed, if i remember correctly the ND-2500/2510 reads media at the following max speeds
DVD-ROM upto 12X
DVD -+R upto 8X
DVD -+RW upto 8X
CD-R upto 40X

after a good two hours I realized that my DMA is off and finally got it to reinstall, had to rename atapi but now it goes at 6MB/s which is much more acceptable