Rip-Lock on LG 8164B

Does anyone know how to remove the rip-lock on this drive? There is a Beta firmware here, but it doesn’t say anything about rip-lock.

Currently Auto Reset and RPC1 firmware based on 0L06.

they’re really lazy. they’ve been pondering it for months it seems

The zip file at includes an LL06FAST.EXE which is the firmware you are looking for.
Remember, it doesn’t remove the rip-lock for -/+R media, plus your drive must have firmware version 0L06 installed before flashing the fast firmware. If not, post your current firmware version at the 8164 thread in forums.

that fw only removes riplock from pressed (original dvds) what it needs is a general read speed patch

Thanks for the advice guys. I already had the link I just wasn’t sure what to do w/ it. I use pressed DVDs 99% of the time, so this is perfect, but…

I can’t get the flash to work. The zip file has 4 files in it. I’ve tried them all I either get this:

Or this:

I checked and I have 0L06 firmware already; the drive came w/ it.

Any ideas?

BTW…I tried in safemode as well, but no dice. Do I need to try DOS?

Bump for some help.


i advise to read the 8164b thread at the dangerous brothers forums