Rip-lock on dvd drive cause analying and encoding slower?

I just heard that there is a Rip-lock on dvd drives whci caues that analying and encodeing for Shrinkdvd to be slower.Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the rip-lock ? thankz

Some drives have rip locks, others do not. Most DVD-ROM drives do not have rip-speed locks, it is more commonly found on DVD Recordable drives.

How do u know if ur dvd recordable drive have a rip-lock and how do you remove it?

if your rip speed is at 2000-2400 kbs/sec. only then your drive is rip-locked

maybe there is a hacked firmware available for your drive

DVD shrink is also dependent on CPU speed as well, if you have a “not-so-up-to-date” system, performance will be limited by that too.

Indeed, but it’s not that bad. I know quite some people that transcode DVDs on systems slower than 1 Ghz… takes some more time, but it can be done very well…

That would include me :stuck_out_tongue: I still love my Athlon 850mhz.

My nec 2500a was rip locked, till Herrie’s firmware… :slight_smile: Now it rips upto about 7x, which is fine for an external… woohoo…


is ur firmware a hack firmware? If yes can you tell me where i can get one for my liteon HD-166S? :bow:

What? The 166S comes factory unlocked. For f/w, google for firmware page.

If it is unlocked, can you tell me why my dvd shrink analysis and encode at 986 kb/s?

Ummm… 'cause it’s ripping and encoding at the same time? For best performance, use DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD to HD 1st, then DVD Shrink it. What are your system specs?

I used the hacked Pioneer DVD-117 firmware, which takes off the region code, will that make a diffrence in ripping and encoding.

Region lock (R2) and speed lock is two different thing. Again, google for firmware page. There’s a hacked f/w for unlocking pioneer drive rip speed.

Are the Lite-On (retail FW) 48x burner/DVD-Roms rip-locked?

I’m trying to figure out if I should use my Lite-On or NEC 2500A to rip…

All Lite-On optical devices I’ve used w/ the DVD-ROM capability have been unlocked, including the 48x/16x CD writer/DVD-ROM.

To see how fast your drive is ripping use the transfer test in CD Speed.

Please note that it will be much slower when using DVD Shrink because it’s not just ripping it is also encoding.