Rip lock firmware for LG 4167B..?

I have friend that got this burner a month ago, i flashed to DL13, it burns ok… no problems there. But he asked me if there’s a way of making it faster when ripping dvd’s. So, there’s a modded rip lock fimware to this burner? thanks

yes just search the forum:)

I did, and i found nothing. The TDB site has RPC1 firmware for this burner, but not rip lock. And the page is down

Found it It’s from TDB but it’s not on their page. Thanks to Chef for uploading it, the rpc1 thread from TDB is down is back, by the way. :wink:

I still can’t open it, it gives me this error:

phpBB : Critical Error

Error doing DB query userdata row fetch

Yup, same thing here. It was up a few hours ago. It went down again. Not sure what is going on. When went down twice late last year, it was due to the boot loader on their server (LILO I think) corrupting the boot record, leaving the machine unable to start up. They apparently switched boot loaders since then. Not sure what caused the problems yesterday.

Currently, it looks like a database problem.

It’s useless detail, but I thought it might be more useful than a blank page with an error message. :slight_smile:

The server is working now, forum looks broken still. Posting it to our page.

Brother Vlad

No problems here with the forum within the last 24 hours…

But just yet, 5 mins ago. huh.

It does not work as it was supossed to.

The rip lock is still there…

Maybe this was the first version “released”. Was just the only one I found on my system so the chance was 50/50…

This removes the riplock on DVD-VIDEO SL (should now rip at 16x) and DVD-VIDEO DL (should now rip at 12x) discs. It does not do anything for DVD+R/-R/RW or DVD-ROM discs. DVD+R/-R/-ROM discs will still read at 10x max. I can’t remember how fast RW discs read at.

I might not be working how you want it too, but it is functioning as designed. The patch is narrowly defined to remove the 6X throttle on discs with DVD Video, and we have never claimed otherwise.

We have also wasted several unsuccessful hours to identify and remove limits on recordable media which seem to be set to around 10X. We are not aware of any throttling on DVD-ROM media, but will review when we get some time.

Brother Vlad

OK, thanks for explanation, I understand now. Don’t be mad at me. :frowning:

But, there are two firmware patches, named “DL13FST1.EXE” and “DL13FAST.EXE”. What’s the difference?
By the way, I think RW discs are read at 8x (I think).

Thank you simply for even trying. The effort is appreciated. :slight_smile:

We are not mad at you.

But, there are two firmware patches, named “DL13FST1.EXE” and “DL13FAST.EXE”. What’s the difference?
By the way, I think RW discs are read at 8x (I think).

FAST is an Auto-Reset (RPC2, Infinite region changes) version, and FST1 is an RPC1 version. Unless you understand how RPC1 firmwares work we suggest you use the Auto-Reset version. We’d post a like about RPC1, but the site is currently totally buggered.

Brother Vlad

You’re welcome! :wink: