Rip Lock firmware Average Read Rate: 6,915 KB/s (5.0x)-Maximum Read:10,047 KB/s(7.3x)

Rip Lock Only Firmware Binary and Windows Flasher 1.06,
Have anyone use this rip lock only firmware patch?
I have 2500A used this rip lock with the orginal firmware 1.06.
Using dvd Decrypter on a Dvd 9 disc this was my results, is this average for this drive with this patch.

19:53:40 Average Read Rate: 6,915 KB/s (5.0x) - Maximum Read Rate: 10,047 KB/s (7.3x)

Is their better rip lock only firmware that might be faster than this one.
And if so do i have to flash my 2500A back to orginal firmware before i use it.

Your speeds are normal for a double layer disc when using a rip-lock removed firmware.