Rip live&mix cd's 100% accurate to MP3

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People experienced at ripping music know that ripping a live or mixed album to mp3 is (near) impossible.

Well, no more…

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I just use feurio to copy albums to mp3, it automaticaly identifies joined tracks on albums and saves the track info, so when you burn it back it puts everything back exact.Plus it does everything on the fly…Brilliant Program

Well, I would like to check out that URL but with me it is not working, maybe you can help me??


This page has been there for ages, man!

Want another link to it:

This guy has been doing looooaaaaaads of testing, awesome!
An d check out his “myths” page! Brilliant! You Hi-Fi freaks out there ! Eat your hearts out!


Laser broke after two months of burning. It does not recognize any kind of disc in the drive.