Rip Guard new copyprotection

Right. What I’m saying is that RipGuard claims to - and from all early “spy reports” DOES - do… is crash rippers. One spy report claimed that they tried it on DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, AnyDVD… and that they all errored out about 2% into the disc. I think AnyDVD made it about 40% through, but the others just crashed. Not had a read error… CRASHED. That’s their claim.

Now we see discs bearing some bizarre “copy protected” label but which seem to have no protection AT ALL (Shrink is incapable of removing anything but basic CSS, and yet rips through these discs like tissue paper). This is not RipGuard, unless RipGuard is ALL smoke and mirrors.

My personal feeling is that when we DO see RipGuard, it’ll beat:

  • DVD Decrypter (probably why Macrovision sued LUK!)
  • DVD Shrink (Arccos already does)
  • AnyDVD Current Version (unless Slysoft get a disc beforehand to test)
  • DVD XCopy

Believe it or not, those 4 programs represent a GIGANTIC portion of the market… with perhaps 99% of the market going to DVD XCopy or some repackaging of it. You have to remember that they’re trying to stop Joe Average, who has gone to Google, typed in “copy DVD” and gotten some shitball $25 package that bundles an out-of-date DVD Decrypter with 1ClickDVDCopy and offers a useless “support forum”.

Well, what WON’T it beat then? You seem to have listed the lions-share of copying programs…

I suggest you write an email to MacroVision and ask them! :slight_smile:
Seriously, you can’t tell, as a RipGuard protected DVD isn’t available yet.

I said the CURRENT versions. Much like Arccos did. I imagine that the currently-updated programs such as AnyDVD and DVDFab Decrypter will release updates as quickly as possible to overcome it… WHEN it is released, which is NOT YET.

All the above backed up with DVD Shrink alone Region 2. AnyDvd 5321 with CloneDvd 2851 or Decrypter would do it also. Surley they don’t pick out certain region discs to employ ripguard, although when reading these forums Region 1 does seem to pose the most problems when backing up Dvd’s.

You may find this is because most movies are launched first on R1 - so by the time they hit other regions, the protection has already been defeated. Just a guess though.

Constantine, R1 backed up without a problem using DVDD & Recode.

That second symbol (2 discs inside the “no” symbol) has been around for awhile and I don’t believe has anything to do with Ripguard. It seems to be a little of the 'chicken little - sky is falling" right now. I don’t believe any Ripguard discs are out yet.

Are the majority of the people reading this thread in agreement that even though the disk has a copy protection symbol it`s not actually copy protected.

The protection will be coming in the not to distant future so stay tunned.


Well, if it has a copy protection symbol, it most likely is copyprotected. With APS (MacroVision). With CSS. Maybe even with Arccos or Settec Alpha DVD. But not yet with RipGuard.

What’s the real difference between ARccOS and Settec Alpha DVD?

The first one is more known - a Sony DVD with bad sectors - but what’s with the later one. Haven’t heard much about that one in region code 2 versions.

It is a spin-off company of LG.

I believe this protection only appeared on Region 3 discs yet. It works quite different than Arccos. The structural information on the DVD is altered, so all copy programs fail. To prevent 1:1 sector copies, they added some read errors as well. AFAIK only AnyDVD is able to remove the protection. DVD Decrypter won’t do it.

Thanks for the explanation! :slight_smile:

I love AnyDVD, but I have to say… sigh Poor LUK!

Olli, thanks from me too :slight_smile:

Same here.

Settec Alpha DVD? Never heard of that one. Thanks cynthia_old for asking about it, and Olli for the explanation! :bow:



AnyDVD & CloneDVD2 ROCK!!!

Ahh, all this talk about adding errors to discs etc, reminds me of the old days of the Commodore 64, Fast Hack-'Em and patches…lol

XXX State of the Union is ripguard I’m sure. Smart Ripper freezez up almost immediately. Tried skippimg file the crash happened at and renamed other files
hoping to ensure smooth travel through the rest of disk, which did finish, but some files had odd names not found on DVDs. Compilation was unburnable. Hard to figure how these DVDs will play play on 2 year old stand alone players but not rip.

XXX State of the Union is an ARccOS protected disc.

Use DVD Decrypter in file mode or that latest DVDFab Decrypter.

The above link for DVDFAB Decrypter is not the right one. Use this one: