Rip Guard new copyprotection

It appears that Million Dollar Baby R1 WS is protected with ripguard

more Info here

DvdDecrypt had no problem with it.

I did not say Macrovision`s new rip guard worked. I was hoping to find more info about it from our experts.

Now you had to go and burst Macrovisions bubble. Shame on you.

PS: I wonder how much they paid for RipGuard.

There is a post here on afterdawn with some guy whose friend is a rep being given a copy of a ripguarded dvd to try and rip.

I think he eventually only burns 48% using anydvd, but that was 2 weeks ago, so the updated anydvd might yet do it.

“Million Dollar Baby R1 WS is protected with ripguard” is nowhere mentioned in this article

I don’t know when that DVD came out but, I read that article five months ago. :slight_smile:

It looks like all DVD releases from studios not controlled by Sony are going to be protected with RipGuard.

Million Dollar Baby R1 WS has the ripguard symbol on the back cover and this week Constantine R1 WS is ripguard protected.

Question is how does it work and what are the approved and unapproved devices.



Is this really confirmed or just another RipGuard rumour? “G_Ivan Awfulitch” posted “DvdDecrypt had no problem with it.”

Are you sure? I had no problem with either, using AnyDVD/CloneDVD.

Yes, both Million Dollar baby and Constentine are protected by RipGuard.

You can also add, 5 Children and it. All region 1 DVD`s.

If you go to Cdcovers and check Million Dollar baby you can see the ripguard symbol.


I ripped constantine today as well as million dollar baby with dvd decrypter… no problems. If it does have ripguard i haven’t noticed…

No problem with Constantine either.

Define “RipGuard Symbol”? I haven’t seen it yet.

Something like this -

By the way, I checked out some online scans of Million Dollar Baby and Constantine, and the ones I looked at (for both films) had this symbol -

I don’t believe the above symbol is for ripguard - at least I don’t think so?
In any case, if it isn’t then that is why ppl wouldn’t have trouble ripping it.

I dont know about that DVD version but the one I just backed up works fine. I only used DVD Shrink and re-authored so I had just the film.

Maybe thats some kinda limited version…I had a Zone 4 disc.

ps, interestingly, while I was going a search on Ripguard, I noticed the following sponsored link in google, along the right side…

However, on going to the dvdidle site, I could find no mention that any of their products supported being able to rip ‘Ripguard’.
Doing a search via Google of their site (eg, ‘ripguard’) also produced nothing. Maybe they are planning to include this feature in the future?

This is just to attract people searching Google for “RipGuard” keyword.

DVDshrink worked just fine on MDB…

Ha. I don’t think that ANY RipGuard protected titles have been released yet. While I don’t think it will be hard to defeat RipGuard, people who have tried it report that it LITERALLY CRASHES rippers. None of these titles have even made such pathetic rippers as DVD Shrink flinch.

Or if they are then they are not much use but then neither was macrovision…
I think there best bet is to try and beat the casual copy makers and if they manage better then its a bonus for them …