Rip errors detectable in CD Speed?

I hope I know the answer to this one, but I’d like confirmation…

Lets say a friend of mine ripped a bunch of cds with a ripper other than either Feurio or EAC, then burned these cds with a crappy old Yamaha burner. Lets also say this friend hadn’t invested in a CD drive with proper C2 error reporting during that time.

Eventually, this friend of mine got interested in why so many of these CD to CD copies sounded like shit, and started ripping with EAC and bought a LTD-163D to test the burn quality, and a rebadged Plextor to do proper burns.

Naturally, he found that many of his pre-EAC, Yamaha rips had errors all over the place when tested. This friend also found that many of these “olde-tyme” cds did not have errors.

The “100 million hours of labor” question for today is: can those non-error infested CDs be considered “secure”? Will errors not fixed in the ripping stage of a CD copy be detectable in the final product… ie, with these CD Speed scans I’m (errr, I mean, my friend) doing? Or are C2 errors on a disc only created by a bad burn?

A WAV file, whatever CD it comes from, can’t be corrupted (or if it is, have your RAM changed quickly !), therefore the rip errors can’t appear on the copy.
It is also true for on the fly copies. Whatever happens in the reader, it outputs audio data. The burner can’t know if it’s right or wrong. It is asked to burn audio, it burns audio, however it sounds.

The error themselves are in the CD audio format. Once the CD audio is read, in the drive, the data is sent through the IDE interface, that is error free. Thus, without C2 report, as soon as the data has left the drive, there is no leftover of the errors that have happened (exept of course the clicks in the sound), the data is rewritten so as to be transmitted perfectly.

The only proper response to that is a groan. There goes Easter break.

Thanks for the help though Pio.

I’m not sure I understand what you means, but if you need a shorter answer, then no, the CDs detetected as perfect by CD Speed can be full of read errors and clicks, since they were copied from the original.