Rip DVD to stream to Xbox 360 Media Extender

Hey everyone, I’ve tried for a month to find the best way of doing this. Hopefully you guys can help shed some light.

My goal is to rip my DVD’s into a commonly used file format that will stream to an XBOX 360 Media Extender. I’m using Windows Vista Ultimate as my OS, so using the extender seems to work fine.

File size is not an issue at all, I just want the highest quality / best possible rip, in a common format (.VOB files won’t cut it, since the files won’t play) This being said I’m not concerned with compression.

So far I’ve been using MPEG-1’s, which seem to stream “OK” but in order to FF or RW on the Xbox it looks like you need to be using an .ASF file. I’m using Xilisoft DVD Ripper for my rips.

Any ideas?

Thanks a ton in advance

I haven’t done much video encoding for my Xbox 360, but you should be able to use Windows Media Encoder to encode your video to high-quality VC-1, which is the same video codec used by some HD-DVD and Blu-Ray titles.

Thanks, I didn’t know about that program. I would prefer to rip straight to the format I need (I shudder at using .wmv, but if I have to I will), but If I need to convert it from the ripped format, which format should I use? I’m currently using MPEG1, but if there is something closer quality to the original DVD I would rather use that.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, but your final format will be .wmv if you follow my suggestion. VC-1 is a next-gen video codec (competing with h.264), so I don’t think that you’ll have a problem its quality.