Rip dvd to hd



hi, i’m hoping someone here can help me, i’ve been searching around but can’t seem to find the solution…

what i want to do is copy some of my dvds to my hd, and be able to play them back from there. I’m not really concerned about burning the files back to a disk, i just want to play the video on my pc…

really appreciate any help as it seems like something that should be simple but so far, isn’t.

cheers : )


Hi bw81, you can use Ripit4Me, to rip your owned dvd’s… there’s other ways but this is by far the easiest IMO… then you need a media player like PowerDVD, MPClassic, VLC, or WMP…


Your no cost solution is to use RipIt4Me + Fixvts + DvD Decrypter save your output as an Iso. Use Video Lan Player ( Also Free ) to play your Iso.

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