Hello all,

I have just joined the forum and have a few questions. While I am not new to forums, after searching through 20+ pages I cannot seem to find a “how to” for ripping my dvd’s to my hard drive for playback in media center (vista). I just switched over to vista and would like to have the ability to play my entire dvd library via media center. I had attempted to do this when on Xp and the dvd’s ripped to hd into the seperate VTS folders, etc. I was never successful getting them to playback via media player. Any help could be greatly appreciated. :bow: I am vacationing at home this week and would love to put vista to work while i can. :bigsmile:

Edit I forgot to mention I am running DVDFab Platinum +CSS


Are you talking about ripping the full Dvd to your hard drive & storing to play or are you talking about movie only? Full Dvd, 7 to 8 GBs, movie only, (generally) 3 to 4+ GBs. I have a friend who does what you want to do & this is what he does. For movies, he will rip movie only plus 5.1 English to store on his hard drive as an ISO file then play with VLC Media Player, (free). For episodic Dvds, he will rip the whole thing to the hard drive & still save as an ISO file, (it will have a MDS file with it) to play with VLC Media Player.


you have to edit vista registry a little, as per this guide :

rip with DVD fab in fulldsic, or main movie or customise mode as you perfer, with your hard drive as the target & with no compression for best quality.

I posted in detail about this one time , & about how to get dvd cover pictures to show up in the media center interface, but it’s maybe 200+pages back by now!

in standard XP, you just open the video_ts.ifo file inside of VIdeo_Ts folder, or drag & drop it to media center or make a shortcut to this exact file & give it a menainful name e.g. shortcut to movieABC . if you want mdia player to play them back, make it the default for handling .ifo fiiles, then just double click your shortcuts.