Rip DVD to AVI

I’ve built a media server for the house and I want to BU my DVDs to Avi so I cam stream them. Per the DVDFAb Platinum description, which I have purchased, it will do this. My problem is, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it. I’ve scoured the threads to no avail…HELP.

Also, any significant ideas on best format is also appreciated. My only constraints are that not all the TVs in the house have a PC attached. Some have XBox360s and I want to stream to them from media center as well. Any comments highly appreciated.

Convert to PSP mobile. You get an MP4 that should be compatible with the XBOX 360, media center and a Zune mobile device.

The PSP profile has a low audio bitrate. I would suggest the new Archos 504/604 profile if you can use MP3 audio. From the opening screen, click PVP, select title, audio, and subpicture if you want that included, click Next, click Configure, select the 504/604 profile from the drop down, put in titles, select screen size etc. and run the video bitrate way up if you’ll be watching on a TV, click OK, select target location, click Start.

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well, for the rooms that have PCs I would stream them in the original DVD format & not convert to anything of lower quality.
with powerDVd I can open a DVd folder on any PC in the house & the movie streams fine over a wireless connection running at 54kbs