Rip DVD to a single VOB file

I have been using DVD43 and Smartripper to rib dvd’s to a single VOB file with audio. Then I convert that VOB to either a MPEG2 or DivX, I perfer MPEG2. I then put it on a media server and stream the movies to my Hauppauge set top box via cat5. Some of that latest movies like “Bambi 2” have some kind of encryption that will not operate in this manner. Can AnyDVD or any other encryption program take care of what I am trying to do?

Thanks everyone :bigsmile:

Who would do that, ripping an whole DVD to only 1 vob file??

A retail DVD doesn’t only keep the movie, also extras…

Smartripper hasn’t been in development for years, so don’t expect a lot from that :slight_smile: DVDShrink and AnyDVD both make 1 Gigabyte VOB’s for better processing and making it compatible with almost every file system (FAT, NTFS, etc) there is.

Most actual encoding tools can effortlessly cope with the multitude of VOB files.