Rip DVD but I see no Subtitle.?

I want to rip a DVD movie " Scary movie 2 " but If I select the subtitle Dutch and I do a preview I Don’t see the subtitle at all.

I have rip the DVD to hard-disk with–> smartripper , DVD2Svcd , DVDx. but all the program’s don’t work. NO SUBTITLE.

If I Rip a DVD with more subtitle’s Like Englisch,France, Dutch
And I select the Dutch subtitle and I do a preview I see the The Subtitle.
But a DVD only with the subtitle Dutch ON/OFF And I select the subtitle I don’t see it.

I Hope some wan Can help me with this BIG PROBLEM…

The Distroyer.
:confused: :confused:

dvdx1.8 works great for me

look at:


it is important to select the subtitles when ripping…

Most of the rip programs that are used for ripping the movie of the dvd don’t really work with the subtitle setting. Most people that rip DVD’s therefore just rip the DVD without the subtitles, then they encode the movie. After that they rip the subtitle with another program which is made for ripping Subs. Maybe you should try using those programs, you can find em at :rolleyes:

Probeer dit eens…