Rip Crysis

Does anyone know how i can rip my Disc of Crysis to fit onto a standard Dvd.
Reason: Disc is geting scratched up, and i dont have DL Dvd’s

Use the ripper to get disc on your hard drive, than you can use DVD Shrink(free) in re author mode to select movie only and compress to DVD5.
Or get DVD Rebuilder(not free), remove what you do not want and compress the rest, this way you will end up with all the menus.

You will need a disc of the same size…you can’t make it smaller.

Also, most games won’t play from a copy.

I guess, I do not play games. :wink:

can dvd shrink work on games too? i thought it was for movies only

No. If it is a game disc, than it is like a data, you cannot shrink it, you will have to make 1:1 copy.
To copy games is not the same as copy movie, there are forums discussing this, but I cannot help you there. I do not use it.

ok well thanks anyways. i will just have to pick up some dual layer dvd’s