Rip & Burn HD DVD'S

Will a Regular Computer DVD drive that reads & writes rip & burn HD DVD’S? They tell me if you want to do the same with Blu-Ray is that you have to have a Blu-Ray drive that will read & write.

No, you will need a combo HD/DVD reader and writer.Your regular drive will not recognize the disc.The same for Blue-ray disc.:slight_smile:

Plus no HD-DVD burners were ever released :frowning:

some toshiba computers were sold with HD-DVD burners, 1x burners.

plus he could burn mini hd-dvd disc, aka HD-DVD on DVD.

[QUOTE=MegaDETH;2042560]Plus no HD-DVD burners were ever released :([/QUOTE]

Toshiba released HD-DVD burners 1x and 2x as slimtype and HH burners, also there is a standalone available in asia.
The slimtype 2x burning quality has improved very well. :slight_smile: