Rip, burn and encode times slow?

Is this slow? With nero recode, its taking about 41 mins to rip and burn a dvd? This is the time it takes from compiling dvd ( I dont use burn at once) to burn completion. Or 51 mins to burn 2X dvd’s.

System specs:

A64 3500+
1gb ram
NEC 3500 burning @ 8X
Sony DVD Rom ( 16X read)

Trying to attach a log, but even though it text, it says invalid file type :rolleyes:

Tried with and without nvidia drivers makes no diff :confused:

Are your drives DMA enabled? Are you using two pass with advanced analysis, or high quality mode? 41 minutes isnt too bad, generally used with Any DVD Recode is pretty quick. Whats your actual burn time? My systems about that quick for a 2+hr movie with a 4x burner.

Yes DMA is enabled on the drives :slight_smile: I am not using two pass or any advanced settings. BTW dunno if this makes a diff, but I am encoding the whole dvd. inc extras etc. But with the main quality going on the movie itself ( 60% on av)

Burn time is about 9 mins ( crap media lol)

nero.txt (24.8 KB)

[QUOTERecall]BTW dunno if this makes a diff, but I am encoding the whole dvd. inc extras etc.[/QUOTE] Bingo! 41mins is fine, for the entire disc.

Ahh thanks! So when people talk about it takes 20 mins etc, then they are talking about just the main movie? :smiley:

I average 25-30 minutes for movies with features (or big movies).

With my system (Pentium 4 @ 2.4ghtz, 512mb RDRAM); Memorex F16 (Lite On?) 16x DVD±R,RW,DL Burner with 8x DVD+R Media) …

… Nero Recode takes about 20 minutes to encode and burn from a dvd-9 (usually somewher from 6.5 to 8 gigs of data) down to a dvd-5 (4.3 gigs). I always use Advanced Analysis (2-pass) recoding unless no compression needs to be done (DVD-5 that I ripped in file mode by mistake). DVDD (DVD Decrypter) rip speeds vary, I guess based on the source disk and structure protection? Sometimes it rips a full disk in just over 3 minutes at up to 16x, sometimes full DVD-9’s read at the highest rate too, and take maybe 5 minutes? Sometimes I only get about 8x reading though, and rips might take 10 minutes. Maybe I’m slowed down by my hard drives being nearly full some of the time…

I Always target my Nero temp files to the C: Drive (an 80gig Western Digital 7200rpm I-IDE) … my rips go on my other 3 hard drives wherever space is available (200 GB WD, 250GB Maxtor, 300GB Maxtor I-IDE [Equals 0.83 Terabytes total… gotta get one more to push me over the hill]. I use to keep the temp files off the C: drive but haven’t noticed any difference.

My C & D drives run off the motherboard ATA-100 connection with the Intel Application Accelerator … My E & F Drives (the Maxtor Drives) are attached to an Ultra-ATA-133 PCI Card by Maxtor. I don’t know if that gives me faster speeds with those drives or not; since my motherboard chipset (Intel 850E) is only ATA-100. Anybody know that?

Anyway, these captures are from a compression of “Seven” Disk 1 (7,657 MB to 4459 MB) I just did.

I like ripping the DVD to the hard drive first … I think that results in faster times overall. Plus, if something goes wrong, you still have the source.

By the way, as for the “burn process completed successfully at -2,147,472,733 KB/s” …

I haven’t a f*cking clue. The “s” unit in “KB/s” might be an inverse solar year … I’m not sure.

I was having the same slow-burn problem with Nero as well. I upgraded my firmware for my burner, but I discovered that the real problem for me was DVD43 running in the background. Hope this helps someone.