Rip blu-ray movies using old pc & external drive

Hi, I’m new to the blu-ray forums. I have a 3 year old computer & I was wondering if I buy an external blu-ray drive, will I be able to rip blu-ray movies? or does the computer has to be hdcp compliant?

you will be able to rip movies without any issues, anydvd hd recommended

thanks, i’m looking to buy a lg external blu-ray drive & one of the system requirements listed is a hdcp compatible pc, so I wasn’t sure if i’d able to rip blu-ray movies…

If you just want to rip the movie you don’t need HDCP equipments. HDCP is required for playback. But if you own a blu-ray drive you might as well use it for playing, right?

What is your 3 years old PC specs?

According to the cyberlink BD advisor, the graphics card on my pc is not good enough blu-ray playback. I use a PS3 hooked up to a hdtv for watching blu-ray movies, so I’m only gonna be using the drive to rip movies.

Well you need AnyDVD HD to rip the most current titles anyway so it might also cover your lack of HDCP equipments (graphic card).

In any case you would want to “test” the burn on your PC too before you play on your PS3 but you can get a cheap HD2400 card if needed (around $30).