Rip audio from .fat e .big?



i was tryin gto obtain the soundtrack of prince of persia 2 warrior within when i encontered in the audio folder only four files :
sound.fat —> few kb
sound.big —> lots of mb (around 80 or more)
soundlocal.fat —> few kb
soundlocal.big —> same as other .big (but smaller, around 40 mb)

i’ve tried to open the .fat with a notepad and it comes out with a thing similar to the cue sheet : a list of tracks, audio tracks in known format (sorry at the moments i can’t remember if ogg,mp3 or whenever

But the .big?

Following the .fat and .big are not associated with useful program
(it mentions the .fat as FreeAmp skin extension!!)

I’ve tried to use the Hyperipper in Dragon Unpacker 5 but nothin…

(Rename as Mp3 or other won’t work…i imagine that you’ve already guessed)

I’m starting to thinks that the .big is encrypted but damn, it’s a stupid game soundtrack…
I’ve tryed some program of audio encodind but nothin…all of them says “format not supported”

I hope that someone can help…


I think that the game sufio is ogg. The extension is not ogg, but most likely it’s ogg. THe reason is since vorbis is free/cheap and is very small. Halo and a few other games I have use vorbis.


the .fat contains list of tracks in format .sd0
but even if the tracks are in .ogg format,how to obtain these from the .big
file? (this is the main problem)
It’s impossible even considering that the files can be small because of the ogg fromat that the tracks are contained in the .fat (2 kb!!!) (we’re talking of more that 10 track) so i suppose that the unique solution is to try to open in some way the .big and extract the tracks…if someone can help i will really appreciate


Good God some body please help us with opening or extracting .big files


Maybe this helps, but don’t shoot me if I’m wrong!

It’s about extracting .big files for another game, could be it’s just what you need


My english is too bad so here is a post i have found:

09-12-2005, 01:08 PM
“Experimental Plugin Ext Reb Tool” is the program to extract and reindex the .big file (found on You need to use the “POP2_soundps2 plugin” - that is for ps2, but is the same for psp. In this program you will select the “big” file and the “table” file (.fat). Extract the “LBA”, extract file “.BIG”, use “relinker option” to edit the files you want on new big file (i prefer jump this and edit the created “SOUNDPSP.FAT-LBA.TXT”, deleting the lines with the files i don’t want). Rebuild file, rebuild lba, and the big files become smaller. :slight_smile:

i have tested and works very good, you need to register in and go to PS2 downloads sections, but i dont know how to play the files extracted.