Rip and convert directly from DVD?



Hey everyone, (Hopefully, this will be my last noob question)

I was using some suggested programs to rip and convert DVD’s to my hard drive, but none can do exactly what I’m looking for…

I’m looking for a program that can :

[li]Rip Directly From an encrypted/Protected DVD
[/li][li]Convert the .VOB files into h.264 encoded High Quality Mp4 files (aac audio)
[/li][li]Must have options for varying screen resolutions, up to 1680 x 1050, down to 360 x 480
Hopefully, software like this exists, I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

I have tried a few programs out, (XVID4PSP, MeGui, etc) but none of these are what I am looking for…

I appreciate all the help,

But until then, does anyone know of anything close to that?


DVDFab with the Mobile option would be the only one I can think of offhand that can handle decryption and conversion all in one program.
I’m not a Fab user though, so best read some posts in the DVDFab subforum here at cdfreaks, and get the trial to test for yourself.


I had tried that, but the only issue is the max resolution is 848x352…

unless I’m wrong… I’d love to be wrong right about now.

Thanks for the response Kerry


Like I said, I’m not a Fab user, so I don’t know all the particular features in the mobile option.

If you use a Mac and have VLC installed, you can still use Handbrake to break encryption and convert to mp4, but it cannot handle anything more advanced than simple CSS encryption, so many newer movies are beyond its capabilities. The Windows version never had decryption as far as I am aware.
The Linux version can also be set up for this also with the addition of the libdvdcss library.

Most conversion programs are not decrypters…there are just too many legal snares with decryption. You can get AnyDVD and run it in the background to break encryption, then work with most any conversion program from there.


By the way, going from 720 x 480 dvd to 1680 x 1050? Is there any reason for this particular bit of insanity? You won’t be getting HD video out of a dvd you know.


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2183964]By the way, going from 720 x 480 dvd to 1680 x 1050? Is there any reason for this particular bit of insanity? You won’t be getting HD video out of a dvd you know.[/QUOTE]

I wasn’t aware that DVD’s were in a particular resoultion, I had often wondered how DVD players were able to strectch movies to play on larger screens as well as smaller screens without distorting quality.

My logic was this:

I have a 22" LCD monitor, with a native resolution of 1680x1050.

Therefore, the best full screen playback quality would be at that resolution.

I guess I’ve got it wrong?


DVD resolution depends in part on which area of the world you are in. The most common dvd resolutions are NTSC 720 x 480 (in the US), and PAL 720 x 576 (for most of the rest of the world). There are some smaller resolutions that are also acceptable, but it is a very small list.

Increasing the resolution of your mp4 files is not a good idea. Let your software handle playback. You may not get absolute full screen, but there is no need to put the video in native resolution of your screen and this will in fact degrade the quality of output from your conversion program.


Thanks alot, this is very very helpful!


Have you tried the PS3 conversion in DVDfab with mobile option. And as for the resolution you just need to test to see which one is the best that [B]YOU[/B] like, as others like different. I personally have not done the mobile options yet but do plan on it in about 2 weeks to a month.