Rip and burn on the same drive?



Is it possible to rip and burn a commercial dvd with CloneDVD all on the same drive by choosing the setting “Clone DVD” and with the output mode set on dvd writer? Wouldn’t it just prompt me to put in a blank disc in the drive after it transcodes? I’ve burned before by creating an iso, but was wondering if it was possible to do it this way as well. I’ve got a 1620 with the new read speed patch and I’d like to start ripping with that, just to make the process quicker…


You can rip and burn on the same drive but you need to transfer all the files first to the hard disk and then swap in a blank disc and burn the selected files. I am not really clear on what you are trying to do but it sounds as though you hope to burn “on the fly” (very problematic on the best of machines) with one drive. Can’t be done.


Ah, it does work. I just tried it. I was just a little hesitant at first because I didn’t know if it would try to burn on the original disc or whatever. It just ejected once it fininshed transcoding and told me to insert a blank, like I thought it might. It’s working, but my burns seem to be taking longer…