Rip a section of a DVD

I like nero’s recode but it only rips in mpeg4 format. Is there any comparable software that I could use to rip a small section directly off of the DVD in my drive to other formats??

JOe K.

I’m a little confused over your assertion that Recode “only rips in mpeg4 format”. You can use it to work with unencrypted dvds, which are basically mpeg2, though I’m guessing you don’t like Nero Digital mpeg4.

What you could use is DVDShrink in reauthor mode. Use the Set Start/End frames to pick the section you want. Save the file to the hard drive and convert it with another program. Something like AutoGK if you want an avi file, or DrDivx.

If you have some other specific format in mind let us know.

I’m basically looking for any format adobe premiere will support. Mpeg4 apparently is not on the list. Avi would be ideal.

Use DVDShrink to rip the part you want, and set Shrink to create a single VOB file instead of 1 GB files. Once created, re-name the VOB to “.mpg”, and it will import into any editing tool, like Adobe.