RIP a cd which has protection



I have a cd that I’ve been trying to rip onto my computer so I can listen to it on my mp3 player.
I can listen to the cd only in my car.
I have tried CDClone, marker trick, Isobuster, Audiograbber. I have tried various software to find out what kind of protection the disc has - but no result. BTW, CDClone manages to make a copy of the disc, but the burned copy behaves exactly the same. Audiograbber manages to rip the tracks - but the second track onwards just plays nothing (silence).
Media Player recognizes all of the tracks, plays the first one and then reports ‘file corrupted’ on all of the rest. Same with ripping - starts ripping the first track and then stops with ‘error’. Media player also recognizes that a license is required (in properties).
I have noticed though that the last track seems suspiciously large compared to the rest. The disc is from 1999.
That’s all the info I have. Any ideas? Thanks, Lynda


This may vary outside of north america, but I’ve never actually encountered a CD with copy protection.

I have crossed paths with "hyper-CD discs that contain multimedia content that comflict with ripping software so I’ll make a simple suggestion first…

Reboot your computer.
after rebooting open your ripping software whatever
it happens to be.

After the program is open then open your drive tray and place the disc in the tray but do not close the drive.

Now while holding down your shift key close the drive tray.

Do not release the shift key until your ripping software has completed it’s database lookup and identified the album and artist

OR until after the drive has “spun down”

This will bypass most CD copy protection I’ve ever heard of.

IF not then I’m sure someone can come up with another idea.

BTW, what CD in specific is it?



It is not common for an audio CD to be protected, but in some cases they are and the only thing i can think of which might bypass the protection and give a quality rip is to run a program called ‘AnyDVD’ in the background then try and rip the CD using a program such as CDex, Exact Audio Copy or dBpoweramp.


Meh. Just hold the shift key down when the disk is loading (or turn off auto run) and that will foil 99.9% of the CD ‘Copy Protection’ schemes. :iagree:


Any copy protection scheme that really works has a fatal flaw…

It makes the disk unplayable by any means… something the record companies all figuired out that the consumers wouldn’t stand for…

Ain’t life a bitch:)



same issue…

I have an XCP-protected CD that I’m having issues with (this is a UK promo from 2003 that has XCP on the disc itself and on the sleeve). The CD appears as 13 data tracks in EAC and is unplayable in my car CD player and on my PS3.

In Isobuster, you can see the data 2 sessions…

But when I try to extract each track (either extract User Data or Extract Raw), I get…

I was able to copy it with CloneCD, but it copied the structure exactly - EAC still shows 13 tracks, but now the CD is unreadable in the PS3 (previously it showd Data Disc, but of course wouldn’t play the audio).

The CD itself has 11 audio tracks (tracks 2-12 in Session 1).

AnyDVD can’t see the disc at all…

I’ve even tracked down EAC 0.95pb3 that has additional TOC alterations, but the only option available is Retrieve Native TOC (manual TOC is greyed out), which then brings the data tracks from 13 to 12 tracks.

I’m at a loss… any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



sometimes it helps to use another drive :cool: