Rio Volt SP100 or SP250

i realize the 250 has more options and is probably the better buy, but i dont want to spend too much. i hear the 100 has a bad skipping problem with audio cds and walking distance. is it true? if so how much better is the 250 while walking?

i already bought the SP100 for christmas (its not open) but im thinking about returning it for the SP250. is it worth it or should i stick with what i got?

I have my SP-100 for 3 months now and i can confirm you that there is bad skipping on mixed tracks cds :frowning: I already wrote a mail to customer support and wtf they answered me is that they already fixed that with a new firmware. Firmware that i have been using since the 1st day due to VERY bad skipping with the default one.
I dunno what you mean with walking distance but if you mean about batery, hmm well, take some rechargeable ones :slight_smile: they don’t last very long (about 2-3 audio cds or near one full 192kbps mp3s cd).

So i can only advise you to go with the SP-250, i hope that with it you will have luck :confused: it’s the one i wanted but it wasn’t available :frowning:

I bought a SP90 last week, and I’m curious about this skipping problem. I find that some songs seem to skip or something when I’m moving about. But not all songs, just some. I had wondered about that. It doesn’t bother me as much as the low volume does though.