Rio releases two new MP3 players

I just posted the article Rio releases two new MP3 players.

Rio comes with two new MP3 players, the Rio Volt 250 is able to play MP3 CD’s and also has a build in FM tuner. With the internal memory you are able to store 8 minutes of audio what should be a…

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Good posting!!! I wanna get this. Sounds like heaven to me :slight_smile: Oh yeah, for all you Brit boys out there - or fine brit lasses for that matter, if you plan to buy one or anything from the Riovolt site, dont use the english version, they are charging as much in £ as they are $ and forgetting about the small fact that the £ is a lot stronger. Buy it in $ and get it delivered to a mates house in america and get him to post it to you!!! :slight_smile: