Rio - original MP3 player brand is pulling out of the market

I just posted the article Rio - original MP3 player brand is pulling out of the market.

  The  company  D&M holdings, who currently owns the Rio brand, has decided to pull Rio out of  the market.  The Rio 500, which was one of the first MP3 players on the  market has been...
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A part of me feels bad that there will be less competition in the mp3 player market but I think every one here knows that old yeller had to be put down. Just go’s to show what can happen when a company gets restrictive, starts just keeping pace with a market instead of leading the market in innovation. Rio hasn’t had innovation in a long time they were just keeping pace in the end.
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and another one falls NNNEEEEXXXXXXTTT !

iriver will be next to fall. Then creative, then all the “yum-cha” players and then Apple (which is a sinking ship anyway). :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought most of the original MP3 players were South Korean including the one making products for the Rio brand. Later, iRiver decided to sell iRiver’s MP3 products in the US market under iRiver’s own brand. I-River is strong in domestic South Korean market so you probably won’t see it disappear anytime soon. Apple’s memory-based players mostly use Samsung chips. Samsung also has their town MP3 players but Samsung couldn’t ever be No. 1 in South Korean market because of I-river. So one reason Samsung supplies memory very cheaply to Apple is Samsung themselves hasn’t been good enough at it. Without such supply sources, Apple couldn’t win. Practically all MP3 makers until Apple were too small to compete with Apple.

Of course anyone will fail who brings out a million different types of mp3 players at ONCE without any reviews on how they do in the market, they can’t change anything to be improved (like that damn nipple you have to use to manuver through the os)

i bought a rio 500 age’s ago then bought an new mp3 player more memory died with in a few months but my old rio is still going strong