Rio launches rival to the iPod shuffle



I just posted the article Rio launches rival to the iPod shuffle.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that Rio has launched its latest line of Forge players to
compete with the iPod Shuffle. The new Rio Forge has 512MB of flash memory which…

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looks sooooo ugly.


" to compete "? :r Everything is better than Ipod. Okay this Rio thing looks ugly but get a REAL Playa from iRiver and your happy for a lifetime…:X


sandisk makes a much better player for a similar price but it includes an lcd, fm radio , and a voice recorder. It also come with a free armband case. Iposd shuffle has an armband case for 30 more bucks. Don’t buy the hype and be a sheep. I was thinking of gettng the shuffle but on closer inspection it sucks. Random play is good for you? F#ck that. Just goes to show you 60% of al people are idiots.


Samsung makes some really nice ones too. I think Sandisk got their designs from Samsung. I’d take one of the Samsungs any day over the iPod Shuffle.


when will they learn. apple was smart, keep price minimal for something people use as workout/auxiliary device. autofill making it easy to pickup each morning or whatever, no work or maintenance required. making more complicated device that approaches cost of hd based player is just pointless.


Whatabou the 30 dollar arm band case? You need it for working out really. They shaft you for 30 bucks for it and still the shuffle is crap. 1 gig of songs and no real way to find songs you want to hear. A rechargeable battery that will crap out in a year probably and cost you an arm and leg. No thanks. But I guess if you want to be cool like Bono go for it.:r