Rio launches new portable HD audio player with Ethernet support

I just posted the article Rio launches new portable HD audio player with Ethernet support.

GristyMcFisty reports us that Rio
Japan has announced a new portable audio player named “Karma”. The device has a
built-in hard disk of 20GB and has support for Ethernet. The Rio Karma can play…

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and connects to a computer via the USB 2.0
And not via ethernet then? I want a portable HD/mp3 player combo someday, but this one is really expensive. If it can also be used as a portable network storage device then that’s a plus though. The design looks terrible though…

Ren It can connect via USB and use ethernet as well. Its a cool little toy but the price is absurd. For 410 bucks :r one would expect much more than 20 gigs. Then again thats the Jap price which could wind up being 200 US. Another Gripe I have with it is the 15 hour capacity. An option to run off AA as a backup would have been a nice touch.

This has been out for months. I have one. Go to for a lot of good information on the product. They are much cheaper than 410 dollars. You can find them for around 260 dollars. IGN has a good review on them as well. ( You can use either USB2.0 or ethernet. And 15 hours should not be a gripe. That is the best high capacity hard drive player battery life out there. The iPod gets around half that.
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I would be interested in a HDD based portable audio player, but not supporting ordinary batteries is what puts me off. Ok, 15 hours would do one a few full days of music, but forget to plug it in before going to bed and it will leave you silence midway on a journey or a long flight!