Rio adds long battery life MP3 players to its Award-Winning lineup

I just posted the article Rio adds long battery life MP3 players to its Award-Winning lineup.

Rio Audio, the original company behind the MP3 player has released
its new line-up of MP3 players.
This includes a large capacity Rio Carbon and a lower capacity Rio Forge…

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From the Carbon spec page: “With it’s built-in voice memo recorder you can quickly capture your thoughts and organize your ideas.”

Contains microsoft “janus” DRM technology. No thanks. Apparently this restricts your own rights to listening to music you have purchased yourself. Personally I wont spend any money on devices that beleave that DRM is the way of the Future.

Going by the Rio Audio’s website, I cannot find any mention of Janus support. But as these support the MP3 codec and Mac computer support, it looks like these should allow any music to be transferred to them. :X So far, all Janus compatible players I have encountered all require Windows XP with Windows Media Player 10 before any transfers can be made and none of these even mention MP3 support :r

If that j anus thing is true, then the next logical step would be for Microsoft to buy out Rio.