Rings Protection on The Longest Journey Cannot play back CD



I made a backup of the games I play the most recently because many of my CDs were getting dirty and did not work anymore, so I wanted to protect the originals.

One of these games is The Longest Journey with Rings on the CD as a protection. I copied that first CD with the Rings using Alcohol 120%. I am not certain how I did it but I must have used the correct options in order to make a backup of a CD with that kind of protection as I was thorough.

Now unfortunately the original and first CD is no longer working (it is dirty and scratched everywhere) and I cannot copy it anymore (thank god I made a backup before!). The only problem is I cannot play back the backup. Neither of my drives will recognize the CD when I insert it.

What software can I use to make this CD readable? I am sure the backup was succesful so is there a way to be able to play the game now? Emulation perhaps, or another software that could make it work? (It is a PC-CD game)


just to get you right:
you think, your backup is good, just because you could READ the original cd ???
sorry, but that’s not right - as you can see with your copy!
you read the original (somehow), but the burned cd(-r) is not readable, so I would not say that I am sure the backup is successfull… :confused: :confused: :confused: :iagree:
see, you can even READ a securom v5 protected cd without any problem, even with NERO, without any special settings, but the burnt cd will definitely NOT run - reading is only 50% of copying… :o


thanks razor1982, I think I understand that now… but can anyone help me?


There is Ring Protech ( Ring in the outer part), and LockBlocks( Rings near the middle) and I think LaserLock has some rings. Which rings protection?


I could not identify the protection because Clony did not detect any of them. I should have used the others like Protected ID but I just cannot figure out how that application works. And now it is too late as the original is unreadable.

I think I thought it was Ring Protect and perhaps this is how I copied it with Alcohol. I cannot be sure.

Anyway, I bought a new copy of The Longest Journey from eBay (well I hope so anyway, the seller hasn’t got back to me after 4 days even though I paid instantly) and I will try to make a new copy of the first CD then.

As this will be the Xplosiv version and not the original I have, it may be a different protection altogether. Will see.