Rings on CMC spindles



On a lot of CMC Magnetics CD-R spindles (and Made in Taiwan Mitsubishis, I assume made at the CMC factory), there are usually two or three small plastic rings at the top. What is the purpose of these rings?


It is for packing purposes. To keep the CD-Rs from being knocked around while being shipped.



In my opinion, however, it is RiTEK and Prodisc that have the best packaging. That is:

  1. A reject clear CD on the top and bottom of the stack of discs.
  2. The entire stack is then cello-wrapped.
  3. The stack is placed into a cakebox spindle.
  4. (Prodisc only) A foam ring is placed on top of the stack to properly cushion the discs.
  5. The entire cakebox is then cello-wrapped.