Ring tones now in the music copyright battle

I just posted the article Ring tones now in the music copyright battle….

Everyone who owns a mobile phone which supports ringtones knows it: you can get the latest songtunes as a small (midi) file on your mobile phone. Nothing wrong with that. Many companies are making…

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I agree, plus the fact that these are MIDIs, not exact digital copies here: Oh geez I got a MIDI of a Creed song on my cell phone…guess I have to pay the RIAA some outrageous amount of money. You know, they are beginning to amuse how low they actually will go to make money. LOL @ RIAA, have fun wasting your money :d

“they want performance rights for that?? For those 15 seconds? Looks like they smell $$$ again” <- no I dont think thats the reason, there are many ringttone sites that earn LOTS of money with offering them and not only on the web also on teletext,news papers,magazines etc. so I think its only fair that they want them to pay rights for those ringtones they’re trading.

I’ve got a story I could see happening in the near future: 'RIAA is now working with many soundcard manufacturers to prevent any midi device to be plugged into the user’s pc. CEO Hillary Rosen said ‘We are tired of loosing money from 15 second midi/ringtones pirates are selling on the internet. We are now working with multiple sound card companies to prevent any user from playing a midi device on their home computer. Once this has been accomplished we will sell our own ring tones for $10 a piece, to make up for lost profiets.’ Damn, Hillary! Give it a break!

Its all about the benjamin$…:r