Ring tones hot or not?



Hi Room,

What’s the latest ringtone you’ve downloaded?? :confused: Just got the new Gwen Stefani……check it out…

Ring Tones Hot Or Not



personally I just use a basic tone…some people are in love with their phones way to much after all its just a device to talk on …I hate talking to people unless its that one special person…


I got sick of all my custom ringtones. So I went back to “Nokia Tune” hehhe. No one uses that anymore, so I will always know its my phone :smiley:


I hate ringtones. Almost every mobile phone has a vibratiing function. Use that.

I’ve got the bubble bobble themesong, because i like it and it’s quite a relaxing song. But usually the sound is disabled.

I never paid for ringtones. I just put some midi files on my webserver and surf to it via the mobile phone internet fucntions.


I use Megaman 2-tune. It woke me up this morning and left me with something of a headache.


I use a rare, special ringtone. :wink:
A good place of free downloadable ringtones: http://www.ringtones4all.com/




I used to use Dido’s “Thank You” (composed on my Nokia 8250 by myself) - but now on my 6100 I just use “bleep bleep” - I can’t stand ring tones.


i usually have my phone on vibrate, but when it’s charging or i need to “hear” it i use the great 80s tune by Men at Work - Who Can It Be Now? seems appropriate to me…


Whatever I can use, but not THE F**KING FROG!!! That tone is slowly pushing me over the verge of insanity.


Try www.justringring.com the site is simple enough to use,
it seems to be aimed at the just ring niche alone.
Hope it helps!