Ring Protek II

I’ve just made a backup of Magix Movie Edit Pro 10 which I believe to be protected with Ring ProteK II.

I’d made a previous backup but this was not recognised in my BenQ 1620 (the drive that wrote it in the first place).

This new copy was made on an NEC 3540.

The weird thing is that the NEC and my LG 4163 recognise the backup, but the BenQ does not. I insert the disk, it spins for a few seconds, then nothing. If i use Windows Explorer to try to navigate to the drive, Windows reports that the disk is a format that cannot be read. But in the NEC and the LG the disk will happily auto run.

The BenQ is IDE channel 2 Master. LG is Channel 1 Master. NEC is Channel 1 Slave.

Any idea how I can correctly write the disk to make it readable in all drives?

thank you,
Legs 2 sag