RimhillEx disc speed controller initiates CD-RW/DVD-RW erasure on externally operated internal SATA disc drives (S182,TS-L633)

Hello. (@Ceym6464 this might be a good question to you.)

When starting “RimhillEx” disc speed controller, there are some odd behavioural patterns:

  • DVD+RW, DVD±R, CD-R: Nothing happens.
  • DVD-RW, CD-RW:
    • On internally built and external USB drives (e.g. eTAU108 and BE14NU40): Drive spins up and I/O drive lamp blinks slowly (usually indicates write), but instead of initiating to write, it spins down again and resumes normal operation.
    • On internal drives using external USB-to-SATA bridge adapters (tested: SH-S182, TS-L633): Drive does not respond to computer anymore, spins up and then blanks the entire disc.

What is the technical explaination for this phenomenon?