Rimage thermal printer printing rubs off

<font color=crimson> Does anyone know anything about thermal printers and printing on CDs? I just got a Rimage Prism thermal printer and the printing rubs off. Is it something to do with the media coating or lack of or would it be a problem with the settings? I have already tried to adjust the strobe setting, but that did not work. <BR> Would appreciate any suggestions! Also I am using Taiyo Yuden silver, shiny lacquer CDRs.:smiley:

I though you had to use printable discs.

<font color=crimson> I don’t know for sure, but I thought that you could use any disk for thermal printing as long as it was plain, no logo etc. But maybe that is the problem. I ask the company I ordered the CDRs from to send me disks for thermal printing. I will call them.:confused:

The Taiyo Yuden silver laquer CDs should allow thermal printing. I use them often. It is true that not all unbranded discs allow thermal printing. Make sure that the specs indicate “for thermal printing”.

You might also check your print strobe settings. Your manual should tell you how to adjust this and what the recommended settings are for the type of media you are using. I believe the print strobe setting is adjusted through the printer properties/settings in the control panel.