Rimage Prism thermal printer

If someone can help/ direct a newbie it would be much appreciated.

I recently got a great deal on a Rimage Prism thermal printer, i have the driver for the printer but did not get the software to create prints. Can someone give me some advice on where to find this? thanks.

update…I found out that the sofware is called “Perfect Image” but cant find it anywhere. I cant wait to get this thing going and have some full color CD labels!

You need Rimage’s CD Designer (originally BarTender by Seagull Scientific). It’s a pretty good package, even though it’s restricted to Windows. We’ve been using Rimage kit for six years, and our Rimage-approved supplier keeps us up-to-date with CD Designer, so it might be worth trying a Rimage dealer (I don’t hold out much hope if you’re not spending money though). Another tack is that CD Designer comes as part of the Rimage Producer Software Suite for the Rimage range of autoloaders, and this can be got quite reasonably from one of the cheap oem software outfits like http://cheap-oem-software.org/. You can install the lot, then delete the rest of the Producer software.

BTW, don’t expect full photo-realistic colour printing from this printer. For colour it uses a 3 panel colour ribbon, with CMY panels, and prints each colour in a separate pass. It’s OK for spot colour labels, but a bit limited, eg there isn’t a true black. Printing colour obviously slows it down.

It best use is in printing really good mono, especially black, labels, where it produces good, durable, labels fast (10-15 seconds per label).

If you want true colour you need a Rimage Everest or Teac P55 and a fat wallet, or an ink jet printer.

You can also print directly out of Adobe acrobat as long as your pdf is 12cm x 12cm

You can use any picture software to print. The best is Adobe Photoshop. I don’t like the CD designer. If you move the file to another computer and font is not in that computer with CD designer, you will print different result.