Rimage Compatible cartridges




Just found this website:

Basically provides information about the HP cartridges C8856a and C8857a being compatible with Rimage 2000i, 480i and 360i, and microboards PF-3.
The HP cartridges are usually much cheaper (I know I’ve had to shop around for them).


The Rimage system is keyed and doesn’t support an off the shelf cartridge - unless something has changed - the 8856a and c8857a won’t work.


The Rimage cartridge is keyed, but its the same key as the HP c8856a and c8857a and does work in any CD printer that uses the HP driver engine.
This also includes the Microboards PF-3 and the Verity Systems Puma.

I agree that some ‘compatible’ cartridges (usually coded 8856 and 8857) will not work in Rimage.

Genuine HP cartridges coded c8856a and c8857a will work in Rimage 2000i, 480i and 360i


Fuji manufactures a better-than-Rimage name brand Prism compatible black monochrome ribbon and it’s less expensive. I’ve been using them for over 10 years! Just check out FujiRibbons.com for additional information on these.