Rima: Ritek/Ridata DVD+R 4.7GB, 16X, Branded, 100-Pack


I am looking at DVD+R media and saw these at rima. I am going to get a 16x drive a SOHW-1693s. I am curious if anyone has bought these http://www.rima.com/Merchant2/merch...ory_Code=DVP16X disk’s before and what media code they have. A disc scan from a 1693s drive would be sweet. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

TIA Scott

Simply email Rima and they’ll answer any questions you have. But Ridata 16x will always be R03. Not the best choice for a LiteOn burner, but it will do alright at 8x or 12x.

now rdgrimes,
how can you let that guy buy ridata ritek? (R04) :Z
I bought a 100 off newegg for some tests of burners and media,
had to wait for verbatims mcc 004 and sony yudens to go on sale.
Even the old richol MID’s are going down the tubes.


I’m with you on this one. Then again I wouldn’t touch a Lite-On for burning. Ripping/Error Rate scans only.

What burner do you suggest then ? I currently have an 411s@811s.

Also I noticed newegg has those discs on sale for $20 after rebates.

The 811 firmware does not have adequate support for anything but 4x and some 8x media. If you’re buying media for this drive, DO NOT get any kind of 16x, much less Ritek. Stick with TY 8x in this drive.

The 1693 is still pretty much a 8x burner if you want quality on most media. If you want to burn at 12x and 16x, go for the 1635s or 6s drives, if you must have a LiteOn.


nothing wrong with lite-on if you get the right media for it :slight_smile:
don’t go neer ritek it’s sh*te just put your money in the bin

How about an NEC ND-3540 or 3550 ? newegg has the 3550 for like $42 and I found a 3540 at another merchant for like $44. Is there any advantage to the 3540? Also where I live there arent any local stores for media besides staples and walmart is there a good place online to get MC004’s online as cheap or about as cheap as rima wants for TY002’s? All help is much appreciated the old 411s@811s is getting tired and I have the money right now hehe.

If you want a burner capable of quality burns on modern 8X and 16X media, first choice would be the BenQ DW1640/DW1650/DW1655 and second would be the Pioneer DVR-110/DVR-A10XL.


39c/disk to the door,
I buy sony(MIJ) or verbatim(MCC004) for 30c local sales


The 3550A would be an excellent choice. If you don’t mind the black bezel you can get one for under $40 shipped right now from newegg (on sale). Lots of firmware update options for the NEC and they are great quality burners.

Thanks for the information. I am torn between the BenQ and an NEC. My media choice for either will most likely be TY02’s and the occasional batch of on sale media for other people or when I can’t afford the TY’s :rolleyes: .

I wouldn’t be torn for too long. Last time I checked the current Benq model was the DQ60 which has been confirmed to be a poor successor to the highly praised 1640. I haven’t been able to find a 1640 for a while and if you do find one they are more expensive.

The NECs aren’t the greatest readers, although they are amongst the best burners.
If you don’t mind using the Liteon for 4x scans, this is a great option. If you want one drive, consider the Benq.

Thanks for the info guys.

Lots of issues with the latest NECs (3550/4550/4551) IMO. Looks like there is a lot of discrepancy, quality-wise, between units.

I have a Nec 3540A that I like very much, and a 4550A that I find very disappointing (except for CDR burning that is extremely good). None of these is as good as the 3500 was. :frowning:

Best DVD burners by now IMO are Benq 1640/1650 and Plextor 716, closely followed (or equalled for some MIDs) by LG 4167 and LiteOn 1693S. Others will think differently, of course, depending on their experience and the discs they use. :slight_smile:

The real successor is the 1650 :wink:


I am in total agreement with Francksoy on this one - would go for the BenQ 1650 or the 1655 - very good readers and writers IMO-

I have got to say that I am not too impressed with my NEC 3540 (an overall disappointment for me compared to my other drives)


The only thing the 3540/50 does that’s killer is rip very very fast, however my 3550
is burning certain MID’s as well or better than my other drives(@8x only)
12 & 16x are a total disaster!