Rima lowers price on TY 8X -R

At $34 per 100 from Rima there is just no excuse to buy anything else.

If you still doubt, look at my favorite scan in my sig.


Yo chas0039-

How spot on you are again Bra-

You have got to believe that with $60 per barrel oil prices - that the media will start going up pretty soon - and these prices will look very reasonable a year from now IMO


I agree that the prices are absolutely great on these discs.

These are probably the best media made in the world. At 33.00 for 100 why would anyone buy anything else.

right, how much is shipping then? :eek:


For this - YOU - have to go onto the site and find out 'cause it is location dependent-eh!

For ME - it’s about $5.50 for the first 100 and about $1 more for the next 100-eh!


chas0039: Would you say these Rima ones burn better than FUJI TY? I have both DVD-R and DVD+R, and they seem to burn really well on nearly any drive.

Also, the Color Fuji TY seems REALLY good, as well. :iagree:

They will be the same, ie if both are good batches then they will burn good, and vice versa.

I tried rima’s YUDEN000T02, TYG02 (and TYG03). I will get a couple or more bad burns from each spindle. The same goes to Fuji/TDK/Sony TY branded.

Depends who you talk to. From personal experience I think the unbranded rima Ty media is worlds above the Fuji rebadged stuff. I went through 3 50 packs of Fuji TY DVD-R and had spotting in the dye on almost every disc. Ordered about the same amount from rima.com (unbranded TY) and never had a single disc with spotting. That isn’t to say that all Fuji are terrible and that you will never have a bad unbranded TY disc from rima, but as a whole people seem to have a little bit better luck with unbranded TY from rima. The other big issue is that more and more Fuji media is outsourced to Taiwanese manufacturers (ie Prodisc) so there is no gaurantee you will get TY media anymore and you might end up making a wasted trip. No such guessing games with unbranded TY from rima. :wink:

I’m about as far away from Rima as you can get in the lower 48. The shipping to me is about $7.60 on the first 100 and I think a dollar and change more for each additional 100.

I do like buying Fuji locally because I can buy a bunch of packs from the same lot and return the unopened ones if they are not great.

I’ve only gotten two different lots from Rima - one great and one fair. Still TY’s fair is other’s excellent.

The way things are going in our local retail stores - I think we’ll all be buying mail order by the year’s end.

Especially now that Fuji is dropping TY and going to Prodisc.

I do not know where you got that information. All the Fujifilm at Staples here where I live is Ty. BJs wholesale club has them regularly priced at 20.99 for a 50 spindle, all Taiyo Yuden both + and dash. These are new shipments not old stock. I think they use different companys to outsource according to the price they are given.

I still can find Fuji/TDK/Sony TY in my area but maybe as other’s observed, they are old stock. Fuji changes TY to other OEMs is just a regular business, switching partnership once in a while.

Exactly, but that doesn’t mean they are dropping Taiyo Yuden as a supplier. When they get a good bid from Ty they will buy them, same with other outsourcers.

@ chas0039:

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@ dtog:

I’ve gone through 3 30-pks of color FUJI TYG02, and the different batches gave different results (well, ‘different’ enough for the very scrutinizing type of CD Freak :slight_smile: ). My 095’s were the cleanest discs, best scan results, and most consistent. The 103’s were sometimes very good, sometimes good, sometimes not as good. I haven’t used the 110’s yet.


I should have said Fuji is switching to Prodisc. Of course they are free to buy from TY again.

Too bad the deal is not for the +R version…

That’s simply because TY is making a 16X -R, but not a 16X +R that I’m yet aware of. If they have started producing a 16X +R, Rima’s not carrying it yet. I usualy burn +R myself, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with -R media either IMHO.


Slightly off topic but still about Rima.

Just noticed that the Verbatim 8x+R OEM (MCC 003) 100 packs are no longer listed. I didn’t think they wouldn’t be available or I would have ordered some at the $28.80 price even though I have a good stock of TY T02.


Verbatim announced some time ago that they were in the process of eliminating 8X media and would market only 16X. Possibly that is starting to take place.