Rima Ink

I know that Rima is great for Blank Media, but does anyone have experience with their ink?


I’d acctually recommend meritline for r200/300 ink, you have to buy a s**t load to get a good deal, but the quality is excellent. I bought the 36 pack a while back and just started using them and I can’t tell any difference in print quality compared to OEM (several other cdfreaks bought this ink too)

right now they have a 48 pack for $55.20 shipped ($1.15/ea)


Meritline actually has an online store dedicated to inks. Its www.abcink.com and they have some great deals on the best OEM inks (G&G brand).

I’ve used G&G in a cannon and while it is very good ink, IMO the ridisk is just as good and cheaper too.

just my $.02 (thanks for the link BTW :slight_smile: )

Hey guys, thanks for the info, sounds like G&G is the way to go.

Still curious if anyone has used Rima inks…