Rima Has anyone got bad or false TY media from them?

Hello I have just ordered some Taiyo Yuden (Hope the spelling is correct) media both CDR and DVD+R media from them. Then I got to reading a little and found out that there are alot of false (fake) TY out there. Is Rima a reputable enough company that I do not have to worry about getting fake media from them?


Thanks that puts my mind at ease :slight_smile:

If Rima starts selling fakes, then we all might as well pack it in and buy off the shelf. There is no better, more dependable place to buy than Rima.

And if you’re not happy, they will fix it.

Yo rdgrimes-

You put it in the right perspective and could not be said better - I totally agree!!


Never a problem. On a scale of 1-10 they are 100. They go the extra mile.

I think people are getting paranoid about “fake” TY media. If discs are being advertised as Taiyo Yuden discs, what reason is there to doubt? I haven’t heard of any retailers selling non-TY discs with TY media codes as genuine TY.

It has happened on Europe and in Canada a few dealers have sold 8X TY as 16X because it could be burned at 16X. So far though, for the US, you are right.

As mentioned above, all of the fake TY that I have seen are no-name rebrands (ie Sonic, Matrix, ect.) Rima.com is most definitely authentic Premium Grade TY. I have ordered 3 50 packs from them and they have always delivered superb quality media.

1 the fake TY issue is WAY overhyped.

2 i would use RIMA any day for anything they sell.

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