Rima does it again

For you folks in the US, looking for great deals on TY discs, look no further. www.rima.com has dropped thier prices yet again on the 4x Taiyo Yuden DVD-R discs. $35+shipping for a 50 pack. :smiley:

And I just paid $79 for 100 from them on tuesday

Yeah, that is why you have to keep an eye on that pricetag. It changes pretty frequently now.

I forgot to say that I got them from RIMA for that price.

No need to say it. I figured that since that is how much they were a couple of days ago.

There was a note on the product description “4X media is being discontinued by Taiyo Yuden - to be replaced by 8X. We have a limited supply remaining of this item code.”

That seems a little odd given the #s of 4x burners out there. But worth picking up some stock at .70 per disc!

Crap. Yeah, I am one of the poor saps that still has a 4x burner. Oh well, I guess I will just ride it out until there isn’t any more 4x media out there and then I will pawn off my 'ol Pioneer 105 on some sucker on ebay. :smiley:

Correct me if I’m wrong! But I visited their site and didn’t see any 50pcs Taiyo Yuden media for $35+shipping deals. I only wish. I did see their $79 for 100pcs. I never saw Rima having free shipping.

I am talking about 4x Taiyo Yuden DVD-R. What are you looking at? Click on the link of the 4x TY DVD-R media and you will see a 100 pack for $69+shipping and if you scroll down to the very bottom of that page, you will se a link for a 50 pack of the exact same TY discs for $35+shipping. Here is a direct link:


say i do not want to sound stuped but i just went there and there are no TY for that price

did you click this link?


thank you that worked great and i bought some

I posted the exact same link above, you couldn’t find it?


Just got TY’s 8x -R’s off of Rima for $40 for 50 pack + shipping!!! ($75 for 100 pack + shipping also available)-

That is quite a price for TY’s eh!!!

Happy Burnin’


Yup. Good things from rima in regards to TY discs. No one else in the US comes close on TY branded media.

Now I see it!!! Thanks for the link.

Is verbatim digital movie dvd-r media as good as TY’s or the TY’s are still superior?

Rima.com also sells Prodisc 8x DVD+R. In South Korea, Prodisc 8x DVD+R price is nearly the same as Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R. Guess who is overcharging.

Verbatim movie DVD-Rs are usually MCC (Mitsubishi Chemicals) which are great discs but they still rank a little bit lower than Taiyo Yuden and more often than not, they are significantly more expensive. Best Buy usually sells those 4x Movie DVD-R Verbatims for $35+tax in 25 packs. So after you factor in tax and shipping you are getting 50 TY discs for about $2.50 more than the 25 pack of Verbatim. Sometimes they have great sales on the Verbatims but even then they would be about the same price. Not unless you know of some crazy deal that we don’t.

jesterrce i did click on your link and it gave me a 404,i just tried it this morning and it appears to work

Well! currently Microcenter is selling them for $19.95 for a spool of 25pcs which is still quite good but not as good as Rima’s deal 69.00 for 100pcs of TY’s. Apparently Best Buy had a short time sale which was 13.95 for a spool of 25pcs Verbatim Digital Movie dvd+/-R media. Too Bad I missed it, I would have bought hundreds, oh! well!!! Anyway thanks for info!! :wink: